Sunday, January 16, 2011


We'll, happy weekend. Steve went down to the farm yesteday to go check on it and make sure that it hasn't walked away. Then he went to Nana and Papa's house. He wanted to see Great Grandma. She finally left the hospital and went into the nursing home this week. Poor Great Grandma. I know that is such a transistion to go through. When I use to work at the Ombudsmens for Older Minnesotans Office, I had to deal with a lot of families (initially) and their emotional states of dealing with the trama and drama of that time. I hope she grows to like it. Personally, I think it would be kinda fun..kinda like camp. But then talk to me when I'm 90 and going into the nursing home kickin' and screamin'.
So..I'm starting the fun process of starting to redo the living room. Not that I've done anything yet. But I'm in the *thinking* stage. I want to do greys/blacks/blues & green with a splash of violet purple tossed in. Sounds pretty huh? I have this vision and I want it to fit it so it's going to take some time. It's gotta be the right textures and colors and layers.
First bargin though. This was before I won my casino winnings for my LR.Makeover....I bought some couch seat covers off of ebay. They are IKEA ones that I believe will fit my couch. There's a catch to it though. I got them really cheap because they are pink. BUT, I'm going to dye them black. I know, it's a LOT of work to save a buck, but like I said, this was before I won the $. Now..I would of just gone out and bought the ones I wanted..but oh well, if this works then that's just more I get to spend on other stuff. Anyways, Steve doesn't know that I bought the seat covers cuz I'm sure he'd freak. But it was a really good deal and I couldn't pass them up. Plus, I'm sure they'll fit. If they don't, I'll just turn around and resell them on Ebay. I haven't had the energy to take them out of the box that I have hidden in my closet to try them on the couch. I may do that today. Maybe after I get done blogging.
Grandma Gracie is coming down for a haircut today. Then we are going to go watch Madison play soccer today. I am going to try to remember to bring my camera and get some action shots. I'll try to post some. I can't wait to see if she'll get another goal today.
She had a birthday party last night. They went bowling. It was pretty fun. I stayed for the whole time because she didn't want me to leave. She must of been tired or something. They had the bumpers up on the sides, but she did pretty good. She got quite a few spares. Now she wants to join a bowling team. I don't think they have teams for 5 yr olds, do they? hmm, I'll have to check into that. I guess that'd be kinda fun. Oh, what am I thinking...she's in enough stuff. She starts swimming in 2 weeks. She's in soccer. She's in dance. She's in choir. She's in enough stuff. I honestly wouldn't mind her being in one more thing because she had actually handle it but that'd be the ultimate limit. I guess if something came up I'd let her do it if she wanted to. Like girl scouts or something.
Alrighty, I've bored you long enough. Maybe I'll go try on my couch cover thing. After another cup o' java. Have a good day today:)

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